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Minnesota Air and National Guard Links

Minnesota National Guard State Pages links to many areas explaining the mission of the Guards in Minnesota and current job openings around the state.

Minnesota National Guard Youth Camp The Minnesota National Guard offers a youth camp once a year at Camp Ripley, near Little Falls, MN. If you have a child ages 10-17 there are different programs being offered. They are also always looking for adult volunteers to help out with the camp.

The First Lady's Family Care Initiative In response to the outpouring of love and concern by Minnesotans for the families of military personnel who have recently been deployed, First Lady Mary Pawlenty has developed the "Family Care" initiative. If you are a military family needing a little help while a loved one is deployed OR if you are a group, family or individual looking to offer some help to military families, check this site out.

Minnesota National Guard Family Programs there is lots of info on this site including a listing of FRG (Family Readiness Group) meetings and activities for fun, you can attend most of them regardless of the unit your family member is in.