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A soldier’s family’s primary contacts for any question, issue, rumor or comment should be:____________________

Know these numbers - write them down - have them with you at all times - and by all means use them even when you don’t think you need to.

The Unit Military Point of Contact -MPOC (ie: the Unit Full-timer, Re-detachment MPOC, or sometimes called the Readiness NCO or Training NCO)

The Unit Family Readiness Group Point of Contact -

Information you must have when you soldier is away (ie AT, Drill, Schools, or Deployment)

Soldiers Full Name____________________________________________________

Soldiers Rank (ie SFC, SPC, CPT etc.)____________________________________

Soldiers SS#_____________________________________

Soldiers Unit Name (ie Co A, 682nd Engineer Battalion)___________________________________

Other helpful information:

Operation soldier is deployed under or area soldier is deployed to. ________________________________________

Base, Fort, Military installation or School soldier is drilling at or going to school at. __________________________________________